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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Cash Advance Service work?

We are able to offer Cash Advances against a personal check. Basically, we cash a personal check for you and hold it up to 14 days.


How much does it cost to get a Cash Advance / Cash a Check?

We charge a 10% fee of the amount requested. So if you wanted a cash advance for $100, the fee would be $10 which is added to the total amount owed.


I don't have checks, can I still get a Cash Advance?

Unfortunately no, we offer this service by cashing and then holding a personal check. However, we are able to order checks for you at a fraction of the cost Bank's charge and they are shipped right to your door!


I'm on a fixed income, can I still get a Cash Advance?

Yes! We accept all forms of income!

I can't pay back my Cash Advance, what should I do?

Here at Fast Cash we understand things happen and want to work with you when things come up! Please contact us so we can work together to get your Cash Advance paid back.

What Documents do I need to open a Fast Cash Account?

1. Personal Checking Account

  • With Checks


2. Primary Identification Documents

  • Valid Driver’s license with photo, issued by a State of the U.S.

  • Valid Identification Card with photo, issued by a State of the U.S.

  • Valid Military Identification Card

3. Secondary Identification Documents

  • Utility Bill bearing name/address used for opening account

  • Other piece of mail bearing name/address used for opening account

  • Rental/Lease Contract for current residence

  • Documentation of home ownership for current residence


4. A Recent Bank Statement

  • Within 2 months of current date with at least 10 transactions in/out of the account. Must be the Bank Statement associated with the checking accounting from which you’ll write the check.


5. Proof of Income

  • We accept all forms of income!

  • 2 Recent Paystubs (within 2 months of current date)

  • Recent Bank statement with direct deposit outlined (at least 2 recurring direct deposits need be to listed).


6. Fixed Income Customers

  • If you are on a fixed income (SSI, SSD, Retirement, Pension, etc) the account where your income is deposited has to be the account from which you will be writing the check from.